CAR Acoustics has developed a holistic approach to design. This approach involves dialogue with different disciplines which includes materials, comfort (acoustics, air quality, heating), healthy environment and inclusivity. We work together and individually depending on the nature of the project.

Our cultural background, being Italian, brings a fresh vision to design which is appreciated in Cambridge. This opens us to a wider network of clients, who come from many different cultural backgrounds themselves, and we are sympathetic to their needs and cultural expectations. This combination of skills is unique in Cambridge.

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Francesco Pellisari


For twenty years Francesco Pellisari has conceived sound and form in a radically new, creative and innovative way. He has an almost tangible grasp of acoustics in buildings. This immersive approach is coupled with an experimental modus operandi that allows him to deliver solutions that are simultaneously technological and poetic. Moreover, his ability to think creatively, breaking away from traditional established patterns, has given him the capacity to come up with ingenious, unconventional solutions.

Francesco has applied his acoustic vision in the most diverse fields. His professional advice brings together different strands of sound, takes into consideration all key elements, and works across disciplines to provide a holistic solution.

His work is rich in references to historical and geographic experiences, and important personal encounters. Throughout his career, Francesco has worked with great designers such as Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer (combining light and sound). His mentor was acoustic researcher Roy Allison (1927-2016), one of the leading acousticians of the 20th century.

In 1996 Francesco founded NacSound, creating pioneering speakers and offering consulting services, often in collaboration with Laura Montanini, in architectural design as well as in product-based design. His work has been widely published in, for example, International Year Book, The Times, Wallpaper, Audio Review, Daily Telegraph, Church Building, Domus and Casabella. He holds twelve acoustic patents.

Laura Montanini

MSc(Arch) Rome, OAR, RIBA

Laura Montanini is a Chartered Architect with more than twenty years international professional experience. She has developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including architectural design, interior design, project management and acoustics. She has worked in collaboration with world-leading designers and architects, such as Ingo Maurer ( ) and Ron Arad ( ).

Laura has a background in music education and for over fifteen years has worked closely with acoustic specialist Francesco Pellisari, jointly developing design solutions that combine acoustic comfort, sound quality and architectural excellence – often in buildings with a history of severe acoustic problems.  She has solid experience in cross-disciplinary integration and teamwork in construction projects.

Laura joined CAR in 2018.