What we do

Architectural projects are complex and rely on inputs from many sources – but to avoid a disappointing outcome, the inputs should be scrutinised in depth, not taken at face value.

The collaboration between Laura Montanini and Franceso Pellisari creates an architectural-scientific team to undertake in-depth scrutiny of the elements of an architectural project. Their rigorous approach and the instruments and test methods they have developed ensure the delivery of successful outcomes for their clients.

Their methodology includes:

  • Diagnostic testing of material samples before specification, to verify their performance in actual project conditions (many materials have certificates from tests carried out in the most favourable circumstances, which may not be applicable to the project conditions), and when delivered to site.
  • Rigorous investigation of the environmental credentials of ‘bio’ materials and components, covering both embodied and consumed energy and emissions, considered as a complete project system.
  • Use of internationally sourced specialist materials that outperform stock materials on the UK market, using an extensive and trusted supplier network.
  • A collaborative and high achieving relationship with all participants in the construction process.
  • A design approach that prioritises empathy and engagement with the client and user – an inclusive and sympathetic process in which the client fully identifies with the design solution.
  • A commitment to quality design, whatever the scale of project.

The ultimate aim of this methodology is to harmonise all elements of the design and construction process. Experience indicates that it does not increase the overall cost by more than 5%, but provides much greater value for money. 

"The atmosphere inside the dome is exactly as we wanted it to be. The sunlight shines through the central oculus with the shadow of a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit that hovers on the assembly. The design of the speakers also reflects the ecclesiastical nature of the building. The sound is now exquisite and we were pleased when the opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, who performed here recently, complimented the sound quality."
Padre Luca
San Lorenzo da Brindisi Church